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Our philosophy is to provide our clients the most creative and comprehensive insight to solving their architectural problems and taking all measures possible to ensure their satisfaction with the completed product. We believe in careful listening and thoughtful response to client needs to assist us in realizing practical, yet unique and innovative design solutions to project conditions. Timely and responsible delivery of professional services is the ethic of our practice.

The staff of Penner & Associates Architects combines experienced professionals and talented proteges who pursue a philosophy that works—high-quality design, efficient project management, and personal service.

  • High Quality Design - We deliver what we promise. Quality design means strong technical competence, visionary problem solving, creative leadership, and a solid knowledge of our clients' needs, reinforced by our emphasis on client, architect and contractor teamwork.
  • Efficient Project Management - To accomplish this, we listen carefully and approach project management with open communication in a comfortable and professional manner. This enables us to quickly elicit our clients' particular project needs and avoids unnecessary delays due to misunderstandings. As principal of the firm, Roy Penner, will be directly involved in all project team decisions and will oversee the project to ensure that the documentation is thorough and deadlines are met from pre-design through occupancy.
  • Personal Service - Experience tells us that successful projects result from good professional, business, and often personal relationships with our clients. We listen and respond to our clients' needs, and make a personal commitment for realizing practical and innovative design solutions.

Our project team uses a multi-disciplinary approach on each project that comprises all disciplines necessary for an on time, within budget delivery of the project. In addition to the client and the architect, consultants in the various engineering disciplines are represented on the team. All team members review the plan of work to ensure that it reflects the project's established goals and objectives.

Penner & Associates Architects directs and coordinates the design team effort and communicates with the client through all phases of the project. Cost control and schedule are essential to the success of our project design team effort. As required, project team consulting firms will be utilized in value engineering and life cycle cost analysis.

Penner & Associates Architects uses a network of microcomputer based CAD systems to provide a variety of services to our clients. The CAD system enhances staff productivity by allowing us to work more efficiently on complex and repetitive tasks. The practice of producing standard details on the CAD system also improves accuracy and reliability. CAD produced projects also facilitate the transfer of drawn project information among all members of the P&AA design team, aiding in coordination of building systems and improved documentation quality control.

Penner & Associates Architects is fully insured, including Professional Liability Insurance Coverage with CNA / VOS through the Pierson and Scott, Inc. Agency and General Liability with Cincinnati Insurance Co. through the Wagner Agency.

     Roy M. Penner, A.I.A., NCARB
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